Garfield Park: presentazione film con Domietta Torlasco

Immagine dell'evento Garfield Park: presentazione film con Domietta Torlasco

All'interno del ciclo di seminari Borderscapes, Domietta Torlasco (filmmaker e professoressa alla Northwestern University) presenterà Garfield Park (33 min)

Botany, urban planning, children’s play—how do these practices intersect in the history of violence and racial segregation that has shaped a major American city? What asymmetrical mappings of space do they reveal? What signs of resistance do they offer? In Garfield Park, USA, filmed on the Chicago West Side, Domietta Torlasco reframes narratives of crime and criminality by looking at the city as an overlay of borderlines and patterns of exploitation, the consequence of measures that reach back to the origins of racial capitalism. In keeping with the style of the film essay, she asks questions in order to weave relations—between voices, histories, and visions—and counter the drive to chart and divide both territories and living beings.

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