Overview, Objectives, Career Opportunities

Overview, Objectives, Career Opportunities

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The Degree Programme in African and Asian Languages and Cultures lasts three years and belongs to the Degree Class L-11, in "Modern Languages and Cultures". To obtain the degree the student must acquire 180 European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System credits (ECTS). The course is divided into three distinct Degree Programmes:

1 - Africa;

2 - Middle and Near East, Islam;

3 Eastern and Southern Asia, Buddhism.

Educational Goals and Learning Outcomes

Graduates in the Degree Course in Oriental and African Languages and Cultures will achieve a written and oral command of an Asian or African language and competence in a second language belonging to the nearby geographical area; a good understanding of the related literary, historical and cultural heritage; a solid education in theoretical linguistics and in Italian; as well as a written and oral command of English. Moreover, graduates will acquire appropriate IT skills.

Depending on the chosen languages, the programme will focus on different geopolitical areas, both "ancient" and modern. The course offers a wide learning programme, rich in literary, historical, religious, philosophical, artistic, socio-anthropological, economic and juridical content.

Professional Opportunities and Careers

There are many employment opportunities for graduates in African and Asian Languages and Cultures: ranging from professional activities in the field of cultural services, publishing, multimedia, journalism, tourism, to museums and libraries.

The course also produces professionals capable of performing cultural consultancy activities in international companies and organisations (diplomatic and consular representations and cultural institutes, etc.). In addition, the course offers a basic grounding for careers in business and commerce as well as international cooperation.

Overall, the course trains graduates which will be able to act as intermediaries in multi-ethnic and multicultural contexts both in Italy and abroad. It prepares graduates for prospective studies and work opportunities in the field of cooperation and development in Asian and African countries and counselling and social assistance for migrants and refugees. L Orientale also offers the opportunity of further training with the Master's Degree Course (LM-36) in "Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa" at the Department of Asian, African and Mediterranean Studies.

Manifesto and Study Plan 2018/2019