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Orientation for Future Students ®

Incoming orientation is a service dedicated to high school students. It promotes the creation of a well informed choice of university by future students. The University develops relationships with schools through meetings and seminars held by its professors at individual schools. Upon enrolling all pertinent information is provided by the Information Desk of the University Service for Guidance and Tutorship.

School Meetings

The University Service for Guidance and Tutoring organises meetings with schools to present the educational offer of the University. This is done to build a common orientation path and to ensure a dialogue between the School and the University.

Welcome - Enrolment Desk

Through the Enrolment Desk you will have all the support and assistance necessary to start your university career, thanks to the experience of the tutors and senior students.

The Enrolment Desk was created with the aim of encouraging a relationship with new students from their first entry into the world of the University. The desks are open from September in the University offices.

Through this service first-year students (but not only) can:

• receive guidance and information on the nature of the degree courses and their work opportunities as well as all the relevant information to facilitate integration into university life.

• receive advice on organisational or bureaucratic problems;

• learn to use the tools the university has made available to support the teaching;

• learn about initiatives concerning teaching and other complimentary services (courses, seminars, workshops and so forth).

For further information, even outside the opening hours, students can arrange a personal appointment with a Tutor or go to the tutors of the individual Degree Courses.

Click here to know the desk’s opening times.

Educational Tutor

The Educational Tutor is a service that helps you to navigate the academic path that is right for you and have you as prepared as possible to face your studies.

For the academic year, all students enrolled on the University of Naples "L’Orientale" Degree Courses will be offered an aptitude assessment questionnaire.

The questionnaire is an important tool for assessing one’s own attitudes and knowledge. If the result is poor, students are invited to an interview at SOrT .Here support is given to help the students fill the gaps in their understanding within the first year of registration.

During the first few months of lessons, informative sessions are organised for all students (use of online services, class time, study plans, etc.) and seminars on the study methods.

The service is proposed as a peer tutoring system, from student to student, aimed at all those who encounter difficulties during their university career. The service offers:

• advice on study from a perspective other than that of the teacher;

• structured opportunities for aggregation and integration into university life;

• suggestions for developing more effective study habits;

• assistance of a personal nature aimed at overcoming the problems of acclimatisation and insertion in a new context of study;

• help in getting your understanding up to speed, in close collaboration with the Teaching Tutors;

• advice on the organisation of an attendance plan, the organisation of a study plan and the planning of exam preparation;

• support in the identification of a study method that works for you. (organisation of study times and priorities).

For more information or to book an appointment: Ufficio SOrT – Servizio Orientamento e Tutorato, Palazzo del Mediterraneo, 8th Floor room 8.5; ; Tel. 081 6909303.

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