Palazzo Corigliano - Piazza S. Domenico Maggiore, 12 - 80134, Naples


When Palazzo Saluzzo di Corigliano was built it was originally called, Palazzo di Sangro di Vietri. It was designed during the sixteenth century by the architect, Giovanni Francesco Mormando, for Giovanni di Sangro.

After being renovated during the eighteenth century due to the 1688 earthquake, it was bought by the Duke Agostino Saluzzo di Corigliano who decided to renovate the external and internal parts of the building. A second floor was also added to include larger rooms.

One of the last renovations on the building was undertaken by Gaetano Genovese, a famous neo-classical architect from Naples.

Inside, the style is Rococò. Frescoes decorate the vaults and walls of the gallery and a small room, il gabinetto, was used as a small studio and covered in mirrors designed by the interior designer Filippo Buonocore. Il gabinetto retains rich sculptural décors by Bartolomeo Granucci.